Lavender's New Testament offers a deeper look into the Word of God.

The original Greek Text clearly reflected in English.

"For me, the Lavender Translation brings me the Gospel message as it was originally written and meant to be understood by the New Testament writers, and as it actually was understood by the original recipients. The Lavender Translation gives us for the first time a readable linguistically and doctrinally accurate translation which makes it possible for every reader to really get back to the Bible!"

-Jerome H. Smith

Author and Editor of Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible


"Plain to the English reader"

"If you seek and value truth, you will appreciate the truth in translation now provided by the Lavender’s New Testament translation. Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. He also stated “Your word is truth.” We all need to learn to value truth above our traditions, creeds, denominations, and theological predispositions and preferences. The standard for truth is clearly the Bible. That is why it is imperative that we have an accurate and truthful translation of the New Testament that clearly reflects in English the distinctions preserved under Divine inspiration in the original Greek text. I highly commend The Case for a New Translation and Lavender’s New Testament which it introduces, because at last Lavender’s New Testament makes these distinctions plain to the English reader."

Jerome H. Smith

Author and Editor of Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible

"Scholarship of integrity..."

"For more than fifty years I have known the author of Lavender’s New Testament (LNT) and his pursuit of truth. During that time he has been diligent to study and teach Scripture by accurately translating it from the original Greek. Now we have his years of research available in one volume to benefit both the scholar and the layperson. There are numerous so-called translations on the market, but Dr. Lavender’s scholarship of integrity, rather than doctrinal bias, excels them all. The LNT brings clarity to many otherwise obscure passages. As you read it, revelation will flow to free your mind and spirit from the bondage imposed by false teaching."

C. Yvonne Karl, B.S., M.A., D.Min., 

Christian Counselor, Retired Educator, Author of Scarecrows in My Cerebellum

"Fascinating and accurate work..."

"Lavender’s New Testament (LNT) is a major triumph for anyone who appreciates the truth of the Word of God. It is a fascinating and accurate work; illuminating to lay people and scholars alike. Dr. Malcolm Lavender, a Greek scholar of the first degree, has poured nearly twenty-five years of tireless effort into writing ten books, including seven years in this monumental work. Dr. R. L. Lavender's work on the footnotes and concise commentary show how most of todays translations have been corrupted in areas promoting a different gospel. Though some may reject these and the translator's insightful scholarship, this work is for anyone who desires an accurate translation and not one that conforms to denominational bias. It will not only capture the attention of those who seek biblical truth and accuracy, but also challenges others in their theological stance. 

Henry Harbuck, Ph.D.

President, Evangel Christian University of America, General Editor of The New Millennia In-Depth Bible